Price Hike Up Announcement

Price Hike Up Announcement

Hello September!

We’re just a couple of months from the end of what has been a real challenging 2020, but I hope you have been keeping your spirits up with lots of positivity! I know it hasn’t been easy for all of us, but let’s keep going with good, positive thoughts as I believe there will be sunshine after the rain!

I also must announce that there will be a slight increase in price for my shoes from 14th Sept 20 and it is only fair that you should be the first to know.

Cost of workmanship and materials have been on the rise and all Adore More shoes are 100% hand made by local master shoemakers. The folks have years of experience and use top materials to ensure quality and comfort…and they have also promised to constantly improve to achieve a most favourable end product!

Your support is also a big effort in helping my little-known Malaysian made brand. As I have mentioned, Adore More shoes are 100% locally produced. Made in Malaysia, made by Malaysians, and damn proud of it! 

Though it can be sometimes tiring, this is a passion of mine and something that I enjoy doing. The whole experience so far has been nothing but a learning curve so far for me. I have learned to run a business from scratch, improving on my ideas for designing, marketing the brand, communicating with my shoemakers and finally to packing and delivering.

But now with your help, support and trust in the brand and me, I will work even harder to ensure that I give nothing by the best to you and take this opportunity to grow the brand, hopefully bringing it to greater heights!

For Adore More will not be here today if not for your love and support…and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much!