Adore More story

Adore More story

My love for shoes came at a very young age. 

Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with shoes…and as far as I can remember, I used to pretend, acting as an adult by wearing my mother’s pearly white wedding heels. Though it didn’t exactly fit me (in fact it was way oversized) I was so happy and thought I was the prettiest girl there and then! (obviously living in my own world   ) Fast forward many years later and here I am with my very own, humble Malaysian shoe brand, Adore More.  

My obsession for shoes had me trying (and owning a fair number of shoes as well) which led me to a thought; an expensive or branded pair of shoes doesn’t necessarily make a comfortable one.

Being in the shoes industry for close to two years now, I cannot help but notice, that there is still a lack of support for Malaysian made products. Perhaps we still are not too exposed to ‘barang buatan Malaysia?’ Or maybe we must work a little bit harder in promoting our products to fellow Malaysians?

The general impression that I receive about locally made products is that they are not as durable nor aesthetically pleasing to the eyes which isn’t true. Take for example the shoe industry.

We do have a pool of truly talented shoe designers and master shoemakers.  All Adore shoes are hand-made by shoemakers from factories with long histories in shoemaking. While we are unable to churn out huge quantities of shoes, we make it our utmost priority to provide you quality products.   

Unfortunately, most of the local shoe making factories today facing the end of the tunnel. The demand and supply of China made products have taken over the consumer’s market making it difficult for these factories to survive. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has not made things any easier as well with many factories forced to close.  

My fellow Malaysians, perhaps now more than ever, is the time we put a little bit more faith and support towards Malaysian made products. Let’s give them the credit that they deserve by supporting their initiative and efforts. While you may hesitate on a slightly higher priced, locally handmade product, let’s not doubt and question the skills, effort and time put in by honest and hardworking fellow Malaysians into their arts and craft.

I also do hope that you will give my little Malaysian brand a chance to be part of your life! I will put in my hard work and effort to fulfil your dreams by providing you with your dream shoes as how I felt when I was a little girl wearing my mother’s white pearly heels!…

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU shout out for all your support and confidence in me. Stay safe!